Lunatics United

A Moment In Time

Lunatics Garden Party

After entertaining us all, Bodo settles down to dinner while Markus looks on and Robert smokes a cigar.

In the mid to late 1990's, we meet Bodo, Markus, Thorsten, and Mike thru Scott Romeo.  Scott was from Heidelberg, Germany where we were stationed, and sometimes jammed and played gigs with the self-proclaimed, Lunatics United from around the area.  We became friends with the guys that lasted even after we returned to the USA.

We kept in touch and followed their adventures as a band until Bodo, the guitarist died from complications resulting from a motorcycle accident several years earlier.  The band broke up and it's members went their separate ways; Thorsten even went back to his old career as a welder.

We keep track of the guys thru Markus on Facebook and have many pleasant memories of them.  In the scheme of life, ours is but a moment of time and we are happy to have shared some of that time with the Lunatics United!!!

You'll always rock on!


Bodo - Guitar

Bodo was a trained classical guitarist who excelled at rock and roll.  We include Bodo's works on some classical guitar pieces to show the wide range of his abilities.  Bodo succumbed to injuries from a motorcycle accident he had several years before we met.

We think you'll enjoy his classical pieces as well as as his performances with the band.


Markus - Singer

While Bodo was a classical guitarist, Markus is an opera singer.

Thorsten on bass.

Thorsten - Bass

Voted the best bass player in Germany by his peers, Thorsten is easily one of the best anywhere.

Mike - Drums

Mike is a most excellent drummer.  Watching Mike and Thorsten play off each other was fun to watch and hear.